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A touch of nature in your interiors

Plank Up was born from a very ambitious project aimed at
meeting the need for a new product for the ceiling that had to be versatile and highly performing from the acoustic point of view.

The study exceeded all expectations therefore after months of
sampling, technological research and laboratory tests, the product was launched on the market. It has been immediately appreciated by professionals and private clients for its functionality and technical characteristics, which has revolutionized the way of conceiving the traditional false ceiling.

Our products



Born from the idea of creating an integrated system that guarantees maximum flexibility of assembly while offering an innovative tool for the creation of new environments of high architectural and acoustic value.


A solution designed to provide high soundproofing performance, even where architectural constraints prevent the use of walls or ceilings. It consists of sound-absorbing panels suspended from the ceiling by steel cables. The integration of recessed or perimeter lighting fixtures allows to obtain the best result in terms of acoustic and visual comfort.



It is a modular lighting system in continuous rows, designed for environments with high and low ceilings, to adjust the light as needed. It produces a wonderful lighting on both vertical and horizontal planes, helping to create a feeling of spaciousness and, therefore, visual well-being

Tailored solutions

Highly customized solutions according to specific needs.

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High aesthetic value

From a simple false ceiling to a design product that furnishes and completes any environment.

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Fireproof materials

The materials chosen are highly resistant to fire.

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High sound absorption

A good absorption reduces the overall noise and the reverb of sound.

Our essences

Many other types of wood available.
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Essenza rovere


Essenza Wengue


Essenza Bambù


Essenza Noce


Essenza Abete


A wide choice of colors

Many different colors, also available in different shades,
for the perfect customization of your environments.

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An overview of our company and our products, with technical information, examples and suggestions.