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Vertical Green

A green solution suitable for multiple contexts, both indoor and outdoor.


In addition to providing a high aesthetic standard, a vertical garden improves the comfort of the surrounding environment in terms of eco-sustainability, soundproofing and thermoregulation.

Each type of green is equipped with an integrated irrigation system that allows the plant to be sprinkled correctly without unnecessary waste

Our products

Living green panel

The right solution to provide, even to less stylish environments, a touch of design and elegance. A customizable product that adapts to any environment since it does not require any plumbing system.

Vegetable wall

The light/dark tones of the walls combined with the right lighting, create the perfect combo to host a Vertical Wall.
The natural arrangement of the greenery contrasts the clean lines of the interior furnishings, creating balance and harmony among the components.

Irrigated Vase

Much more than just a planter. Equipped with a control unit that is regulated in various time slots, this irrigated vase is managed by a ‘solenoid valve that cyclically controls the opening and closing of water needed for irrigation while providing for the discharge of excess water through an open drain system. 

Tailored product

Highly customized solutions according to specific needs.

High aesthetic value

From a simple false ceiling to a design product that furnishes and completes any environment.

Icona alto assorbimento acustico

High sound absorption

A good absorption reduces the overall noise and the reverb of sound.

Our plants

Many other types of plants available.
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Pianta nephrolepis green lady

Nephrolepis green lady

Pianta philodendron imperial green

Philodendron imperial green

Pianta croton petra

Croton petra

Pianta ficus pumila

Ficus pumila

Pianta monstera deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa

Some of our projects

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