Personalized solutions for every need, ensuring their customers the best processing, study of materials, innovation, craftsmanship experience, advanced technologies and research.


Zeta House creates interior and exterior furnishing solutions with architectural elements in plasterboard, merging values such as the quality of tradition and cutting-edge innovation. The result of this union makes it possible to create and design new patented special products that can meet the demands of an increasingly diversified market in a personalized way.

Lavorazioni ottimali e studio dei materiali
Soluzioni personalizzate

Innovative quality services

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We offer painting for any environment (be it a company, home, office, or store) with advanced techniques and high quality materials.

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We guarantee the most advanced products in the industry, thanks to a personalized research on the materials and technologies to be used.

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False ceilings

We design valuable structures that combine an elegant décor with the best sound-proof solutions, thus ensuring high performance.

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We enhance spaces staring from their context and do our best to meet every request, from the most traditional to the most modern.

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Alternative Solutions

We offer our clients innovation and creativity to find flexible solutions that can best meet their needs.

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REI120 and REI Certified

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Plank Up

Zeta House offers customized solutions for every customer's need, furniture solutions that blend quality and innovation for an efficient soundproofing result.

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Vertical Green

Zeta House creates fantastic living green walls to beautify your space with a touch of green and nature. Public or private, indoor or outdoor spaces can be transformed thanks to living plants.

Our mission

From the union between craftsmanship and the use of cutting-edge technological innovations, new products and construction techniques are born. Starting from this principle, our company can patent models at Italian and European level.

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Storica ditta artigiana

A long-established artisan company, with 40 years of experience

Our company has always relied on the concept of research and collaborates with international design and consulting companies. Adriano, the father, who was already an Architect, became an Expert for the Ministry of Interior and specialized in acoustics, thus participating in important projects also at an international level.

Massimo, who gained experience thanks to his father’s teaching, in 2007 decided to innovate the family business and founded Zeta House, specialized in plasterboard work for interiors and exteriors.

Today Zeta House is the result of constant updating, with the intention to propose new solutions and meet the expectations of its customers with technologically competitive and high quality models. PLANK UP is the most revolutionary product in the reference industry, not only from an aesthetic but also from a technological and acoustic point of view.

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Wood certifications

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is an organization created to support the best management of the world’s forests in many ways, meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising those of future generations. Zeta House has adopted all the protocols of the FSC supply chain and is committed to maintaining an environmentally sustainable vision.